TianruiTech,Source of Innovation!
TianruiTech,Source of Innovation!
Hanzhong TianruiTech Network Technology Co., Ltd., is a legal company in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in accordance with the law incorporated the legitimate, whose industrial and commercial registration number 91610702MA6YN4486F. Our team is a group of the youth, composed of elites form Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, China University of Political Science and Law and so on. We are focusing on Internet hardware and software, intelligent equipment, mobile application design research and development and operation, we firmly believe that 'science and technology improve life, science and technology serve for our society!'
  • Internet and IoT

    Computer hardware and software , auxiliary equipment, intelligent IoT product design, research, sales, maintenance.

  • System Maintenance

    Network integration, IoT management automation control system research and development, design, installation, sales, maintenance.

  • Management Operation Support

    Internet information technology consulting, business management consulting, marketing planning, corporate image design.

  • Network Engineering

    Network engineering, website construction and maintenance.


iKan88 Documentary

The first movie site in China, which owns large data and web crawler, based on interesting of the documentary fans.This site is loved by many documentary fans.

Dream Movies

The first film and television site in Chinese mainland with the search system, completely built by the calculation of data generating engine without any advertisement, which owns the 30,000IP/day in the heyday.

Cyber Movies

China's leading film and television encyclopedia site, composing of millions of films and televisions from all kinds of stages in human history. This site totally depends on the computer algorithm, forming a friendly cross-platform and interactive system platform. At the same time ,this site as a project participated in the Ali cloud developer contest selection 2013, then got the chance to interview with Yunfeng Fund.

Watch Randomly

This site appears at the same time with the one bought by Baidu ,named JinWanKanSha.This site focuses on the film search and personalized recommendation ,solving the problems that among massive resources, users do not know which one to choose.

Movie Search Engine

Based on big data and cloud computing, this search engine find in massive cyber film resources. many fans help us to improve the rearch results of the formation of a completely independent film and television search engine.


TianruiTech has a number of independent intellectual property researched and developed by ourselves.


Wireless Audio Surround Device Based on Optical Signal

Patent Number:201620199684.7

Integrated Intelligent Devices of Aquaculture System

Patent Number:201620405382.0

Ultrasonic Distance Detection Devices

Patent Number:201720188651.7

Core Members

  • Liu Ruiguang (CTO Chief Technology Officer)

    Liu Ruiguang is the technical director of the team, practical and diligent, efficient and passionate, always learning quickly, having well education backgroud in the field of Electric Engineering and Computer Science.Especially he is qualified of Java, PHP and other big data projects,;

    He owns a Master's Degree of Computer Science of Tianjin University, and the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Automation. During the student period, he has participated in the development of the SematicWeb theory and the construction of deep-level project development;

    In his leisure time, he developed a website about travelling in Hanzhong City;

    He has lead several teams to build creative websites,such as iKan88 Documentary,Dream Movies,Cyber Movies,Watch Randomly and Movie Search Engine, all of which are sigificiently popular;

    In the fields of mobile, intelligent products, automation and wireless audio systems, he also has a number of patented technologies. Entire technology team is guaranteed by his work.

  • He Tianci (CEO Chief Executive Officer)

    He Tianci is in charge of the direction of the entire team, leading us to the future, practical diligence, rational, insisting on the principles while no lack of flexibility, having strong learning ability, deep insight, careful thinking and the courage to innovate, working meticulous and aiming firmly. He has the market sensitivity ,and be capable of grasping market trends and forward-looking ability;

    Drafting the establishment of our company, he develop a feasible and realistic framework for all aspects of the company, such as the research process of the project feasibility, the commercialized development of the product market and so on;

    With limited budgets, he successfully leaded the operation of the iKan88 Documentary, Dream Movies and Cyber Movie, Watch Randomly, Movie Search Engine and other popular websites. During this period ,we get relatively greatest degree of return, and have operated million-level capital projects for several times, demonstrating strong practical financial management capabilities. He is the guarantee of the formal development and market-oriented operation of the entire team!

  • Luo Xiujuan (CDO Chief Design Officer)

    As a design team leader, she is solid, diligent and responsible, comprehensive learning ability is very strong, strong solid foundation of art, design expertise, skilled use of SketchUp, Rhino, AutoCAD, 3D Max, Maya and other mainstream tool technology, especially good at Architectural design Industrial design, efficient and good at divergent thinking, design vision broad;

    She participate in front-line design work for more than five years,with mature and rich experience, and participate in the world's top 500, and China's top 500 enterprises related projects as the leading designer, including Shell China (Shanghai), Dow Chemical, Bayer India, Fresenius (Shanghai), Aramco, CNOOC, Lenovo R & D Lab, Yangshengtang, Nongfushangquan, Jilin Tobacco and so on. All of these projects are praised;

    In the field of Internet, she design the covering prototype of intelligent aquarium control system, the feasibility test model, the whole APP, and the prototype of the auxiliary equipment independently;

    At the same time,she learn the latest trends in the industry,coordination to solve the problem in person, owning strong management capabilities. She is the core of entire design team and a strong guarantee of all projects!

  • Zhang Jie (CTA Chief Technology Advisor)

    As the team's chief technical advisor,he is practical and responsible, Owning doctor of electrical engineering from Tsinghua University, he is good at automation field of cutting-edge, solid technical foundation deep, a multi-functional, especially good at circuit systems, Qt framework, chip design and development;

    During his student period,he participated in the National Natural Science Fund project 'Research on Fault - Tolerant Operation Control of Double - Three - Phase Motor Drive System for Electric Vehicle' and independent research program of Ministry of Education 'Research on Driving Coordinated Control of Dual Redundant High Reliability Electric Vehicle', He also directly involved in the projects, such as the West high voltage switch operation, Shanghai HengTuo, the ZhongRuiLanKe electric vehicles and other major projects of major R & D work;

    In the research and development of intelligent aquarium control system,he proposed several valid arguments and feasible schemes. In the hardware development and testing, the relevant data and optimization of the project are optimized, and important insights are provided to ensure the smooth progress of the project. He is an important member of the technical team!

  • Pang Bo (CMA Chief Marketing Advisor)

    As the team's chief marketing advisor, he owns the solid theory, wide range of knowledge and practical serious working, He is not only the excellent example of academic,obtain the highest degrees from universities in the field of social and human sciences,bachelor of Wuhan University, master's degree of Peking University, Doctor of Renmin University of China, but aslo participate in many national social projects.He is under the tutelage of domestic and foreign authority and leaders in related areas, forming his own unique insights and arguments in study;

    He suggest our team a lot of sincere effective unique recommendations about the successful operation of related projects, escort and contribute wisdom;

    Working tireless, he has hard working in the market and operations.In every critical moment ,he is the irreplaceable important role!

  • Waiting For Joining

    Sincerely look forward to your participation!


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TianruiTech,Source of Innovation!


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